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Despite cocoa growing so close to the equator, very little chocolate is actually produced at the same location it is grown. The Europeans were some of the first to pioneer the chocolate-making process, which is why there are so many successful European chocolate manufacturers thriving – they have mastered the bean-to-chocolate process. More and more chocolatiers pursued chocolate making globally, and now gourmet chocolate can be found in all corners of the world. Explore our countries of manufacturing below.


Barbados Map

Barbadian Chocolate


Germany on map

German Chocolate


Netherlands on map

Dutch Chocolate

United States

united states on map

American Chocolate


Belgium Map

Belgian Chocolate


ireland on map

Irish Chocolate


Switzerland on Map

Swiss Chocolate


Madagascar Map

Madagascan Chocolate


France on map

French Chocolate


Italy Map

Italian Chocolate

United Kingdom

united kingdom on world map

Britsh Chocolate, Tea & Gourmet Sweets

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