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Barbadian Chocolate

Chocolate Produced in Barbados

Born in the Caribbean, Agapey chocolate out of Barbados strategically placed itself close to some of the highest-end cocoa beans available. There are only a small fraction of chocolate producers who use traditional methods and machinery, and here at World Wide Chocolate we are thrilled to offer this Barbados-native chocolate collection.

Agapey Chocolate Factory

Premium Chocolate from Barbados

Agapey is located in the hub of the region which has allowed them to intimately source cocoa beans from the best cocoa growing plantations in the West Indies. They also use world renown, locally grown Barbados Plantation Reserve Gold cane sugar which adds a delightful special caramelized flavor to the chocolate. Within the factory, they implore traditional methodologies and antique equipment with their antique German 6ft roaster dating back to over 70 years. These techniques bring forth the finest flavors of the cocoa beans and golden sugar. Of particular note are the caramel filled dark chocolate bars sold through World Wide Chocolate. These bars have been recognized at an international level for their exceptional flavor and quality.

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