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Bienvenue! Are you a fan of French chocolate? You do not have to travel miles away to savor many of the popular sweet treats France has to offer. When you shop World Wide Chocolate, you have access to many brands, such as Michel Cluizel, Pralus Chocolate, Valrhona, Bonnat & Pralus.

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Valrhona Chocolate

Premium French Couverture and Chocolate Products

Every bite of chocolate becomes a sensory experience when you choose Valrhona chocolate. This premium chocolate has been produced in the small village of Tain L’Hermitage, France since 1922. Albéric Guironnet, a pastry chef, founded the company with a commitment to creating beautifully complex yet balanced artisan chocolates. Much like the renowned wines of the Rhone Valley, the cocoa beans used to make Valrhona chocolates have been carefully selected for the unique terroir in which they are grown in Venezuela and the Dominican Republic. In fact, Valrhona is one of the few chocolatiers who have established their own plantations for growing cocoa beans. As a result, even the most discerning chocolate lovers can appreciate the expert care that goes into making every piece of Valrhona chocolate.

Michel Cluizel Chocolate

Gourmet French Chocolate, Novelties, and Couverture

In only a few short decades, Michel Cluizel has made its name as one of the world’s premier chocolate-making companies. Founded in 1948 by visionary chocolatier Michel Cluizel, the French company has distinguished itself through exceptional ingredients, sustainable relationships with partners and, of course, great-tasting gourmet chocolates. Since 1948, gourmet Chocolat Michel Cluizel has been handcrafting chocolate from bean to bar with pure cocoa butter, bourbon vanilla pod and never any soy or artificial flavorings At World Wide Chocolate, we are proud to carry a selection of Michel Cluizel chocolates at competitive prices. Read on to learn more about the history and distinguishing characteristics of this fine chocolate company, and order your Michel Cluizel chocolates with us today!

Cacao Barry Chocolate

French Baking Chocolate, Couverture & Convenience Products

Founded in 1842 by French chocolatier Charles Barry, Cacao Barry has grown across three centuries to craft some of the world’s finest chocolates. Here at World Wide Chocolate, we are proud to carry an extensive selection of Cacao Barry chocolate products at affordable prices. Read on for more information about our delicious selection and the storied history of this venerated chocolatier, and order your Cacao Barry chocolates here at World Wide Chocolate today! Cacao Barry is renowned for its vision of the chocolate-maker’s craft as an art form. Based in France and producing and selling the finest-grade chocolate in the world, Cacao Barry has a wide product range that’s a real favorite among the leading chocolate professionals

Chocolat Bonnat

Luxury Chocolate from Voiron, France

Bonnat is a family-run company in Voiron, France. It has been handed down from generation to generation for over 130 years. It is currently headed by the founder’s great-grandson, Stéphane Bonnat. Founded in the late 19th century by Felix Bonnat, the company’s first successful chocolate was Pavés de Voiron, cube-shaped pralines wrapped in foil that became an instant hit. Over the years, their selection expanded to include many types of chocolate. In 1983, they began manufacturing chocolate bars made solely with cocoa beans from the same origin. Today, Stéphane collaborates with partners to source the finest cocoa beans in Africa and Asia, and spends several months each year visiting Peru, Mexico, Venezuela Brazil, Ecuador, Haiti and Cuba in search of rare cocoa species. Our selection includes a blend of creamy milk chocolate bars as well as velvety-rich single origin dark chocolate. Each bar is named for the region where the cocoa beans used to manufacture the chocolate was sourced.

François Pralus Chocolate

Master French Chocolatier

Looking for something new and exciting to try when it comes to your favorite treat? Pralus chocolate features the rich flavors and creamy texture that you love. Using only the finest cocoa ingredients, Pralus has developed delicious and creative chocolates that are sure to please your refined palate. These French chocolates are absolutely sublime with every bite. Whether you want something to tantalize your taste buds or a sweet and thoughtful gift for a loved one, you’re sure to love these delicious chocolate products.

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Rich and flavorful, we suggest savoring these chocolates slowly so you can enjoy the symphony of textures and refined taste. Sit back, close your eyes and imagine yourself in Paris or Provence. Each brand we carry has been specially chosen for their exceptional technique and for their belief that making chocolate is like an art form. It is that fine attention to detail that makes our French chocolate assortment stand out.

As you browse our extensive selection, you will find a variety of chocolates to snack on as well as chocolate that you can use for baking. Brands such as Valrhona, Pralus Chocolate and Michel Cluizel offer chocolate blocks, cocoa powder and hazelnut cream that can be used for melting, coating, dusting and elevating the taste of endless cookies, cakes and desserts.

Our chocolate from France includes lots of varieties, including cherries with armangac draped in dark chocolate, dark chocolate sticks infused with natural raspberry flavor, solid French chocolate bars and more. From sticks to squares to bars to blocks to spherical shapes, your search for quality French chocolates online in lots of shapes, sizes and flavors ends here.

Chocolate is one of the most universally loved indulgences, making it the perfect gift to give anyone on any occasion. We make it easy to say thank you, good luck, happy birthday or I’m thinking of you with our French chocolate gift baskets. Each small, medium and large basket is filled with an assortment of some of our favorites and best-sellers. Ready to be gifted, they take the stress out of figuring out what to bring and always make a great impression.

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