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Irish Chocolate

Chocolate Manufactured in Ireland

Irish chocolate is a true delicacy, milk chocolate in particular. Over 95% of Ireland’s dairy cows feed on rich, green grass, which is due to the country’s climate, thus their milk is more cream-colored, tasting more rich & luscious. Here at World Wide Chocolate, we are happy to carry Butler’s Irish chocolate, which began back in 1932. Their ultra-creamy chocolate production received strong consumer feedback, and to this day is one of the few family-run chocolate businesses on the market.

Butlers Chocolate

Purveyors of Happiness

If you need a little luck of the Irish, look no further than these tasty treats from Butlers Chocolate. Known as the “purveyors of happiness,” Butlers has been producing absolutely delicious and delightful chocolates since 1932. The company’s longtime commitment to superior quality and service is evident in every bite. In addition to delivering Irish chocolates that are positively bursting with flavor, these treats also feature especially attractive and colorful packaging that makes them excellent choices for giving as gifts or displaying in your own home.

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