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The World’s Finest Italian Chocolate Makers

In the pantheon of the world’s chocolates, there are few more countries more decorated than Italy. That’s because the Italy is home to some of the world’s most esteemed chocolate makers. The ‘Big Three’ Italian chocolate makers are Guido Gobino, Domori & Amedei.  Here at World Wide Chocolate, we are proud to carry chocolate products from all of the aforementioned brands. Available to order now from our online store, our Italian chocolates are priced affordably to meet the needs of our diverse World Wide clientele. Read on to learn more about our selection of Italian chocolates, and place your order with our gourmet chocolate suppliers today!

Guido Gobino

Chocolate Tradition from Turin

Guido Gobino uses some of the world’s finest cocoa beans from Venezuela, Ecuador, Sao Tome and Mexico. They also put forth a strong effort in the procurement of their other ingredients: PGI Hazelnuts from the Langhe, milk from the Piedmontese chain, only beetroot sugar from ItaliaZuccheri. The quality ingredients combined with cutting-edge processes have allowed Gobino to earn numerous international awards to become the well-established “Made in Italy” Chocolate brand recognized world wide.

Guido Gobino Logo

Domori Chocolate

Focusing on Criollo Cocoa

Established in 1997, this company is based in Turin, Italy, a province known for its exquisite chocolates. Domori is certainly no exception thanks to founder Gianluca Franzoni’s dedication to sourcing only the highest quality cocoa. Also known as aromatic cocoa, this ingredient brings a pure and intense flavor that’s absolutely incredible, even for those who have tried many varieties of gourmet chocolate. To create Domori chocolate and its unique aromatic complexity, Criollo cocoa is directly sourced from their plantations in Venezuela and processed every day in our facilities in None, Turin, with the a short and pure recipe. This choice is combined with their innovative productive process, where each phase is designed to preserve the aromatic notes naturally found in the Criollo beans.

Amedei Chocolate

Award-Winning Chocolate from Tuscany

Founded in 1990 by the Italian chocolatier Cecilia Tessieri, Amedei began producing pralines from a small facility in Italy and soon grew to produce a number of other chocolate confectioneries using their own grown cocoa beans and natural ingredients. In less than three decades, Amedei has grown to become one of the world’s premier gourmet-chocolate production companies. At World Wide Chocolate, we are proud to carry a selection of specialty chocolates from Amedei’s current chocolate line. Read on to learn more about our selection and Amedei’s history, and order your Amedei chocolates from us today!

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