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Madagascan Chocolate

Chocolate Grown & Produced at the Source

Madagascan cocoa is currently considered some of the best available cocoa world wide, and actually only accounts for roughly 0.5% of the world cocoa production. The theobroma tree was introduced to the land in the late 19th century by French colonists, and has since been set apart from other cocoa-producing countries. Their fine cocoa is deemed for its noble aroma, which is harvested twice a year, at the beginning of the rainy and the dry season. Madagascar primarily exports its beans, due to the lack of equipment, as well as infrastructure. These beans are known for fruity notes with a strong acidity, although chocolatiers combat this acidity with additives (sugar, emulsifiers, etc.), but truly a renown selection. Many makers use cocoa from Madagascar, but do not produce at the source. Explore our brands using cocoa from Madagascar, as well as manufacturing in the country.

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Beyond Good by Madécasse Chocolate & Vanilla

Chocolate Bars, Couverture Discs & Pure Vanilla

BEYOND GOOD is on a mission to change the way the world experiences chocolate, all the way from the cocoa farmer to you, our customers. By sourcing heirloom cocoa directly from farmers and helping to build a new chocolate factory in Madagascar, Beyond Good is redefining what “good” means in the chocolate industry.

MIA Chocolate | Made in Africa Chocolate

Food with Thought

The MIA movement is an opportunity that was born completely out of chance. Years after a happily random encounter between a chocolate enthusiast and a foodie, they began to work on a concept for a food brand that would transcend mere taste. In doing so, they began an ongoing series of collaborations with an African development entrepreneur, a unique brand designer and a group of people who are passionate about social impact. These collaborations have resulted in MIA. In aiming to create for both our own future and for Africa’s as a whole, the Sankofa bird has inspired us to look back and learn from the past. Between those lessons and their vision, they’ve made MIA what it is. Here at World Wide Chocolate we are proud to carry such phenomenal products.

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