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World Wide Chocolate is pleased to include English chocolate manufacturers among its collection of fine chocolates from around the globe. Our growing selection of British chocolatiers includes such premium brands as Green & Black’s and Artisan du Chocolat. Both of these brands reflect the range of chocolate that is available from across the pond, and are the textbook examples of what artisan-made chocolate tastes like.

Willie’s Cacao

Single Estate Bean-to-Bar Chocolate

Willie’s chocolate is all about flavor. Great cacaos are like fine wines, each one with its own stunningly individual flavor born of its specific genetics, soil and climate. One might taste naturally of nuts, another of summer fruits. It is to capture these subtle notes and unique flavors that make all Willie’s chocolate from the bean – which is called bean to bar chocolate! The process incorporates buying single estate cacaos direct from the farmers, roasting them in antique ball roasters and make them into chocolate using just raw cane sugar and natural cocoa butter – no soya lecithin, no vanilla, nothing that gets in the way of the flavor of the bean.

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Candy Kittens Banner

Candy Kittens

British Gourmet Sweets

In 2012, Jamie and Ed decided it was time someone stood up and challenged the big brands in the confectionary world. A lot of people thought they were crazy (sometimes they still do!), but they spent the next 18 months developing the idea to create a gourmet sweet that taste as good as they look. After many late nights, big learning curves and hard graft, Candy Kittens can now be found across the UK and the world.


Loose Leaf Tea Tins

Tea drinkers everywhere will rejoice when they discover this selection of Twinings Tea at World Wide Chocolate. One of the most famous tea brands in London is finally available anywhere, any time. Twinings Tea first began in 1706, when Thomas Twining bought Tom’s Coffee House on London’s Strand. Though coffee was the popular drink of the time, Twining’s coffee house became unique for its additional offering of tea. The upper classes flocked to his shop, and by 1717, the shop had evolved into London’s first exclusive tea shop. Today, tea has a special place in British culture due in large part to Twining’s vision.

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Founded in 2000 by Gerard Coleman, Artisan du Chocolat’s focus is chocolate. Irish-born Coleman spends his time and resources buying the finest ingredients and controlling quality. Coleman is laser focused on paying homage to “the wonderful crop that is chocolate and to the people who dedicate their life to growing it.” He is very much involved in every aspect of manufacturing and his hands-on approach ensures the ultimate quality that is revealed in the taste and texture. Our selection from this brand includes an intriguing variety including liquid sea salt caramels, chocolate-draped fruits and nuts, chocolate pearls, truffles and a wide range of chocolate bars. Many of our Artisan du Chocolat treats are beautifully packaged, making them ready to be gifted to the chocolate-lover.

Founded in 1991 by Craig Sams and his wife Josephine Fairley, Green & Black is another fine British brand renowned for their commitment to sustainable and ethical cocoa sourcing. They manufacture an extensive line of 100 percent organic chocolate in the form of bars and hot chocolate. Their lineup includes everything from solid milk and dark chocolate to bars blended with natural ingredients such as ginger pieces, mint, hazelnuts and currants, peanuts and more. There is truly something to please every chocolate lover’s palate.

Many of our British brands of chocolate are committed to the Fairtrade Foundation UK. They support many small-scale cocoa bean farmers and workers ensuring they receive fair pay for their hard work, work in safe conditions and help them improve their communities.

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