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Single Origin Chocolate: Brazil

Arguably the cradle of the theobroma tree, Brazil’s immense size and geographic location results in a rich history. The criollo beans (which are known for their white-toned interior) are said to stem from the northern part of the Amazon, where the species eventually migrated to Venezuela and more of Central America. The forastero beans (which are known to have a more purple-tone) is deemed to have migrated to the remaining areas in Brazil. Although there is a plant disease affecting the crop, ‘escoba de bruja,’ which translates to the ‘witch’s broom,’ which has reduced their production to about half of what is was at its prime (300,000-350,000 tons down to around 150,000 tons). The success of studying of the chocolate genome is a huge step in preventing further effect, but farmers are currently dealing with this issue. The trinitario variety is more disease-resistant, and due to such the theobroma trees across the nation have been grafted with these clones, which is now increasing in production, reducing the production of the forastero variety.

Reference: The Chocolate Museum. (2004). Choco-Story: Brazil.


Here at World Wide Chocolate, we have two active listings which utilize single-origin beans from Brazil. Brazil, as the largest country in South America has a world of vegetation, and it can be difficult to pinpoint which cocoa beans to utilize, as the crop is so vast. The Bonnat Kaori is crafted with highly fragrant cocoa, which results in a mild but sunny flavor profile balanced with coffee & nuts. This blend was just created in 2015, and the term “Kaori” is actually Japanese for “fragrance.” A rich overall profile and round mouthfeel will provide your taste buds with unique tones you must taste to understand. Pralus also offers a single-origin bar from this vast country. Their blend provides an aroma of molasses and blackberries, combined with a hint of buttery coffee, finished by a touch of citrus. Explore our Single Origin: Brazil chocolate from World Wide Chocolate today.

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