Single Origin Chocolate: Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is the perfect location for cultivation and development of the cocoa crop. Their area is home of rich, fertile soil, as well as the favorable climate. The DR is also one of the largest producers of organic cocoa in the world, as they started marketing their cocoa as such dating back to the 1980’s. Cocoa cultivation has progressed into a large part of their culture, as many individuals grow cocoa beans for themselves, completely independent from the scalable industrialization of this crop.

Reference: Colonial Zone-DR. (2005). Grown in Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic

As another Caribbean-native country, the climate is optimal for all-things cocoa. Here at World Wide Chocolate, Pralus, Michel Cluizel & Valrhona all manufacture their DR blend with this single origin cocoa. The Pralus bar is for true connoisseurs, while Cluizel offers squares to taste the natural flavors of this region, while also offering baking chips. Valrhona also incorporates the DR in their Tainori feves, which exude flavors of roasted almonds and freshly-baked bread, followed by yellow fruit. Truly an exceptional growing region, and certainly worth tasting.

Dominican Chocolate

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