Single Origin Chocolate: Ecuador

Ecuador has been recognized as one of the largest fine cocoa producer in the world, as the tastes often emits floral aromas. Currently representing over 60% of ‘fine flavor’ cocoa production, is has exploded in both European and American industries. The country ranks as the most competitive Latin American country in this field, even ahead of Venezuela (which is known for its signature ‘Chuao Village’ origin). Chocolate manufacturers praise this location for its unique and full-toned flavor and fragrance.

Reference: Acuña, M. (2015). Ecuador & Chocolate.


The embodied natural flavor profile in Ecuadorian cocoa results in numerous manufacturers aiming to import these beans for crafting. This South American Country consists of the perfect climate, as well as an abundance of cocoa farms. Whether it be baking chocolate, or bars for connoisseurs, our selection below will provide your taste buds with this ever-sought-out cocoa. Scroll down and explore our single origin Ecuador chocolate offerings from World Wide Chocolate today.

Ecuadorian Chocolate

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