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Single Origin Chocolate: Fiji

When your average consumer hears, “Fiji,” they will likely attribute the word to a tropical paradise. This is true, although many consumers are unaware of the cocoa cultivation within the Island collection. Just recently in 2014, ‘Cacao Fiji LTD’ opened to prioritize the farming, processing, and specifically exporting of these cocoa beans. The local farmers are passionate about their work, although struggled to connect with outside markets. The flavor profile of Fiji beans is truly exceptional; the aroma is of raisins, which progresses into dried fruits and vanilla, and a crème brule tang which may surprise your senses. Still on the come-up, you can expect to see production of Fiji single-origin chocolate to only increase in the foreseeable future.

Reference: Cacao Fiji. (2018). Premium Fijian Cacao for Craft Chocolate.


Our South-Pacific selection includes the limited release of Dick Taylor’s Fiji Origin Chocolate. The subtle and delicate taste is overall nutty and earthy, with hints of green tea, pear, and malt. Despite its 80% cocoa content, this rich dark chocolate is beautifully smooth, and a taste you will not forget (not to mention Dick Taylor’s pristine packaging). Indulge in this limited release while still available, here at World Wide Chocolate.

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