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Single Origin Chocolate: Ghana

Located in West Africa, Ghana is one of the largest producers/exporters or the cocoa crop. Due to their production size, you would imagine this is an industrialized area for the cultivation of the product, although many farmers are struggling to get by. On average, these farmers do not use equipment, and generate their entire stock by hand. Their wage amounts to roughly 3% of a sold chocolate bar, so many farmers also grow vegetables as well as other minor crops in the low-production season. The country houses roughly 25 Million people, and about 800,000 families depend on their livelihood through cocoa farming. The government of Ghana controls the export price of the beans,  and farmers receive roughly $45 for a 140-Pound bag of beans (which are often cultivated by hand). Luckily there are larger organizations rising to combat a more fair price, such as Cocoa Life, as well as Fair Trade USA.

Reference: NBC. (2015). Chocolate is a Bittersweet Way of Life in Ghana.


Ghanaian cocoa beans are not as common in Single Origin chocolate, as they are primarily exported to be utilized in a mixed-blend chocolate (chocolate with cocoa beans from different origins). This country neighbors Côte d’Ivoire, or the Ivory Coast, which is the largest source of cocoa beans in the world, but these African-native beans provide a more traditional ‘chocolate’ taste, without a secondary flavor profile. We currently feature the Pralus Ghana chocolate bar, which is the purest chocolate taste Pralus has to offer, and it’s beautiful. Shop our Ghana Cocoa from World Wide Chocolate today.

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