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Grenada is deemed by some the, “Caribbean Capital of Chocolate,” named after the high-quality and sought-out cacao beans. Theobroma trees were introduced to the island back in 1714, and by the 1760’s, the country was actually the world’s largest producer and exporter of cocoa at the time, responsible for roughly 50% of British West Indian cocoa exports. The quality of the terrior is the true reasoning behind these sought-out beans, as the land itself simply provides perfect growing conditions for cocoa beans. The country does not currently produce at the same mass-scale as some African countries do, but the majority of Grenadian farmers focus on quality over quantity.

Reference: Britell, A. (2017). Grenada, the Caribbean Capital of Chocolate.


Located north of Venezuela, this Caribbean island produces exceptional-quality cacao. Guittard works directly with Grenada Cocoa Association St Andrew Parish Grenada; GCA is comprised of over 4,000 farmers each with farms ranging from 1 -2 hectares and growing fine flavor varieties of Trinitario. Nutmeg is found all over Grenada, often intercropped with cocoa along with other spices and fruits like guava, cinnamon and plantains–giving farmers a secondary source of income, as well as subtlely influencing the secondary aromas of this single-origin chocolate.

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Grenadian Chocolate

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    Guittard Grenada 70% Dark Couverture Chocolate Wafers

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