Single Origin Chocolate: Haiti

After the unforgettable earthquake in 2010 and its aftermath, Haiti has gone through much more than its fair-share of turmoil. Luckily, cocoa is offering a new hope in this Caribbean country. Despite only producing 10% of cocoa as the Dominican Republic, its neighbor to the east, Haiti continues to grow in the cocoa industry, which is only expected to increase. They are still dealing with the aftermath of the detrimental event, although there is a strong focus on revamping their cocoa cultivation entirely, aiming to bring tens of thousands of citizens our of poverty. It is not well-known on a global scale, although as time progresses their naturally fruity-toned beans are on the rise, and you can expect them to reach their deserved, strong reputation.

Reference: Nieburg, O. (2015). After the Earthquake.


While Haiti is home of decadent cocoa, the government restrictions, living conditions, and lack of basic necessities make cultivating this crop particularly difficult, as they lose about 20-25% of their annual crop due to these conditions. Chocolat Bonnat, however, sources this single-origin chocolate from Haiti, which offers a chocolaty flavor with an evolving citrus taste. As Bonnat is working with the AVWB, they offer this product with major economic and social value. Taste our selection from Haiti, here at World Wide Chocolate.

Haitian Chocolate

  • Chocolat Bonnat Haiti 75% Dark Chocolate Bar

    Chocolat Bonnat Haiti 75% Dark Chocolate Bar

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