Single Origin Chocolate: Hawaii

Hawaii: the tropical paradise of the United States. Hawaii is the only U.S. state whose climate is suitable enough for growing cocoa, and its cocoa industry is still young. The first claim of single-origin chocolate from Hawaii came only in 2000, although the crop is not nearly grown on an industrial scalable level. This cocoa is certainly sought-out, although the high-cost of land makes it even more difficult for these farmers to produce on any sizeable scale. This source is now receiving more recognition, although still may be some time until this origin sees the ‘boom’ so many Caribbean countries have seen. 

Reference: Miner, M. (2016). Hawaii chocolate is the rarest in the world.


Guittard, located in Burlingame, CA, as one of the larger American chocolate manufacturers, sought out to offer two Hawaiian origin offerings. You will be able to note bouquet tropical scents such as flowers and tropical fruits, and not much acidity. Available in both a milk chocolate and dark chocolate blend, Guittard encapsulates the natural cocoa flavors through these two offerings. Explore these varieties, and expand your palette from World Wide Chocolate.

Hawaiian Chocolate

  • Guittard Kokoleka 38% Milk Chocolate Baking Bar

    Guittard Kokoleka Hawaii 38% Milk Couverture Chocolate Bar

    From: $26.99
  • Guittard Kokoleka 55% Dark Chocolate Baking Bar

    Guittard Kokoleka Hawaii 55% Dark Couverture Chocolate Bar

    From: $27.99

World Wide Chocolate

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