Single Origin Chocolate: Jamaica

As the demand for fine cocoa rises, Jamaican cocoa is escalating to a more premium price on the world market. There are currently nine fine cocoa producers, and Jamaican cocoa falls under this recognition. The demand guarantees over 1,500 tons annually, and due to such the cocoa culture continues to rise. Exporting to primarily European and American chocolatiers, their cocoa not only is used for single origin chocolate, but also utilized in improving flavor in mixed origin chocolate offerings. You can expect this Jamaican commodity production to only increase, as the fine flavor is near impossible to replicate.

Reference: Porter, M. (2012). Cocoa.


As indicated above, Jamaican beans are primarily utilized in enhancing mixed-origin chocolate, although available as an independent flavor via Amedei’s Cru blend. This bar provides a traditional chocolate aroma mixed with dates, which evolves into a powerful citrus profile, as well as butter & jam. Expand your palette even further, and indulge in the single origin Jamaican chocolate from World Wide Chocolate today.

Jamaican Chocolate

  • Amedei Cru Jamaica 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

    Amedei Cru Jamaica 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

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