Single Origin Chocolate: Madagascar

Madagascan cocoa is currently considered some of the best available cocoa world wide, and actually only accounts for roughly 0.5% of the world cocoa production. The theobroma tree was introduced to the land in the late 19th century by French colonists, and has since been set apart from other cocoa-producing countries. Their fine cocoa is deemed for its noble aroma, which is harvested twice a year, at the beginning of the rainy and the dry season. Madagascar primarily exports its beans, due to the lack of equipment, as well as infrastructure. These beans are known for fruity notes with a strong acidity, although chocolatiers combat this acidity with additives (sugar, emulsifiers, etc.), but truly a renown selection.

Reference: Sipa, M. (2013). The way of Chocolate: Growing Cocoa.


With a plethora of chocolate options sourced from Madagascar, you will be able to understand its complexity once tasting. Chocolatiers from across the globe recognize this region for their pristine product, which is why so many bars market around this attribute. Here at World Wide Chocolate, we have tasting bars, baking bars, chips, feves, whatever it may be you are looking for, our Madagascar selection will impress even the most seasoned chocolatiers. View our selection today.

Madagascan Chocolate

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