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Single Origin Chocolate: Mexico

Mexico has one of the richest cocoa-histories in the world. Dating back to almost 1500BC, the pre-Hispanic civilizations were the cultivators of cocoa in the country. Throughout the centuries, this cultivation spread over both the Mayan and Aztec populations, and even was used as currency. Cocoa acted as the symbol of abundance, granted to the civilizations by the Aztec God, Quetzalcoatl, and the Mayan God, Chak Ek Chuah, respectively. Fast forward, and cocoa is still a large commodity within the country, although slightly on the decline due to crop diseases. With modern advancements, these diseases are currently combated through direct genetics, but Mexico is barely keeping up with its domestic demand, and has to import cocoa on some occasions due to the everlasting demand.

Reference: Vanuato. (2010). History of Chocolate in Mexico.


As mentioned above, due to diseases affecting their cocoa crops, Mexico’s exporting of the product has been on the decline, although still imported through some select chocolatiers. Michel Cluizel has their own plantation in Mexico, ‘Mokaya,’ which highlights a secondary dried fruit flavor as the flavor expands. Bonnat also offers their award-winning chocolate, Selva Maya. After years of research and adventure, this cocoa was rediscovered in deep Mayan territory. Winning Gold in the 2016 World Chocolate Awards, this certainly is a blend you will not forget.

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