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Single Origin Chocolate: Papua New Guinea

Cocoa is an extremely important export in Papua New Guinea, as 80% of such comes from smallholder farmers. This century however, the nation is dealing with managing pests, known as cocoa pod borers, to accommodate for this decline in production. Between 2008 and 2012, the country’s previously highest-producing province declined by 82%, which initiated a large focus on the issue at hand. Great progress has been made over the past few years in addressing and initiating managing this issue, as the economic and social dependence of so many farmers must be addressed in a timely fashion. Luckily, chocolatiers still select beans from this nation when available, and once tasting the natural flavor profiles, you will surely understand the desire for these beans.

Reference: Faheem, M. (2018). Improved Management Strategies for Cocoa.

Papua New Guinea

Pralus is known for their various flavor profiles, and dedication towards single-origin chocolate, so consumers can truly understand the complexity of cocoa, and that not all chocolate is ‘chocolate.’ This bar in our selection is made with Trinitario beans, which are surrounded in many areas by volcanic soil. This bar is not only aromatic, but extremely charismatic. Shop this single origin chocolate from World Wide Chocolate today.

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