Single Origin Chocolate: Peru

Peru is the world’s ninth-largest cocoa producer, as well as one of the world’s largest organic producers. As much as 70% of its products are exported, providing over 50,000 Peruvians with living situations through the cultivation and production of cocoa. Home of all types of cocoa pods, the Criollo variety from Peru is argued to be used in the best chocolate in the world. The northern region of Peru, or Piura, is home of some of the most sought-out for, rare Criollo cocoa on the market. This bean in particular was left alone (or perhaps, undiscovered) for hundreds of years, resulting into an unforgettable taste, which is truly special. Peruvian-originated chocolate certainly is an unforgettable blend.

Reference: Nyland, S. (2017). The Best Chocolate in the World.


Located among the Andes in Western South America, select chocolatiers obtain these beans [Criollo in particular] for production, and often seen on the consumer-level with a high price point. Bonnat has crafted two varieties with beans from Peru, but the bar worth discussing is Amedei’s Blanco de Criollo, or White Criollo, due to the white beans in the interior. The price is high, although it is made of some of the most rare cocoa beans around the world. This bar is limited to 20,000 units made a year, each with their own hand-written serial number on the back. This is one of the most unique flavor profiles you may come across, and truly an exceptional, complex taste progression. Indulge in this Peruvian chocolate from World Wide Chocolate, as these are tastes you may never forget.

Peruvian Chocolate

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