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Single Origin Chocolate: Trinidad

The cocoa history of Trinidad dates back to the 16th century, where the criollo crop was cultivated commercially by the Spaniards. In the early 18th century, a combination of natural events almost entirely wiped out the criollo crop, and this lead to the introduction of forastero beans to the area. After much time, the two blends combined, thus resulting in the Trinitario variety. Trinidad is now known as the home of this superb, more disease-resistant hybrid bean. These beans are known for a mix of the traditional chocolate taste, with secondary notes following, although not as intense as the secondary notes reached in consuming Criollo beans. These beans proved to be more disease-resistant, and have since been introduced to numerous other countries across the globe.

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As the birthplace of the Trinitario beans, cocoa from Trinidad perfectly marries the best qualities of both the forastero and criollo varieties. A rich chocolate flavor with subtle secondary notes creates an unforgettable taste, available from both Pralus and Bonnat. Both these blends encapsulate Trinidad’s natural flavor profiles, and certainly an unforgettable experience. Shop now through World Wide Chocolate, and taste a rich trinitario blend.

Trinidadian Chocolate

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