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Single Origin Chocolate: Venezuela

Simply put, Venezuela is home of legendary cocoa beans. The mountains are stock-full of theobroma trees, and some researches believe Venezuela is home of the first cocoa tree. Their popularity comes from the abundance of the Criollo beans, which are known for their secondary notes during consumption. The geography in particular is the perfect climate for these trees to flourish, and chocolatiers across the world seek importing Venezuelan beans for production, particularly beans from Chuao Village. All top chocolatiers offer a ‘Chuao’ blend, which is argued to be some of the best cocoa across the globe. The country is facing some difficulties in this cultivation currently, due to their political conflicts, but a taste of Venezuelan cocoa is a taste of some of the best cocoa available.

Reference: Savage, C. (2015). 5 Reasons Venezuela has the best chocolate.


Located in northern South America, this region is located in the most optimal geographic location possible. If you scroll down, you will be able to see our vast selection of single origin chocolate sourced from this country. The signature Porcelana and Chuao blends are both made by some of the world’s top chocolatiers: Domori, Bonnat, Pralus, Amedei, Valrhona and Guittard. They specifically obtain these cocoa beans as the taste and secondary notes are almost un-contestable. The availability of these beans is not always guaranteed, and their production does not come close to that in Africa, but consuming these chocolate offerings are unforgettable moments. View our selection below, and shop Venezuela through World Wide Chocolate.

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