Guittard 100% Unsweetened Chocolate Baking Bars

Chocolate Baking Bars

Gourmet Baking Bars

Take your baked goods to the next level with gourmet baking bars from World Wide Chocolate. Chocolate baking bars are a convenient and easy way to add various levels of chocolate flavor to pastries, brownies, cakes, pies, breads, muffins and other sweet confections. Please note that these chocolate bars are not the same as those intended for snacking. Of course, if you love the taste of intense chocolate, you may find yourself sneaking a piece here and there, which is perfectly fine. What’s the difference?

Guittard Baking Bars

Semisweet, Bittersweet & Unsweetened Options

Guittard Gourmet Baking Bars infuse your cookies, cakes, brownies, puddings and confections with the rich, complex flavor of the finest chocolate. Explore the character of premium chocolate, with its layers of fruity top notes and lingering, luscious finish.

Guittard 64% Dark Chocolate Baking Bar 2020

Ghirardelli Baking Bars

White, Milk, Dark & Unsweetened Baking Bars

Whether you want a sweet and creamy milk chocolate, a super dark, “Extra Bittersweet Chocolate” taste, 100 percent unsweetened cocoa or something in between, Ghirardelli is the secret to your chocolatey baking success.

Baking chocolate traditionally adds rich chocolate flavor to your creations, as opposed to the secondary flavor notes found in connoisseur-related chocolate. In addition to strong chocolate flavors, our selection of premium chocolate baking bars can enhance your recipes by adding just the right amount of sweetness, incorporating unforgettable chocolate flavor into every bite.

In this collection, you can find chocolate baking bars with a strong bittersweet intensity, completely unsweetened bars for recipes that don’t need extra sweetness, semisweet, milk chocolate and white chocolate varieties. Pick up a single bar or save by selecting bulk quantities.

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