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Chocolate chips are some of the most popular and versatile members of the chocolate world. These small pieces of chocolate make excellent additions to widely known and loved chocolate chip cookies, as well as other decadent desserts such as brownies, cheesecake, chocolate cake and more. You can even add them to smoothies, use them to make chocolate croissants and use them to cook savory foods such as a mole sauce. The chocolate chips available from World Wide Chocolate are premium-quality and manufactured by high-end chocolate brands, such as Guittard.

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Guittard Baking Chips

Dark, Milk, White, Butterscotch and Mint

Add bold, rich flavor to your pastries and confections with Guittard Baking Chips. This premium line of baking chocolates is crafted for the serious chef and chocolatier from the finest ingredients. Guittard baking chocolates are made in small batches, in a wide range of finishes and flavors including semisweet, extra dark, milk, butterscotch, mint and more. Sumptuous desserts, cookies, puddings and candies all begin with the very finest ingredients. Perfect for small batch baking, or high-volume, these chips are available in bulk options as well as retail bags.

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Ghirardelli Premium Baking Chips

Chocolate Chips in Bulk options

Rich, melting smooth chocolate chips for your cookies, cakes, candies and fine desserts are a specialty of Ghirardelli chocolate. Whether you want creamy milk chocolate, semi-sweet, bittersweet or elegant white chocolate chips, you will need superior quality for the very best results. This is why we are proud to offer Ghirardelli chocolate chips for your baking needs. They produce a consistent level of exceptional flavor throughout your confection.

Browse our selection of premium chocolate chips to find all of the delicious flavors and varieties that you need to complete your baking and cooking projects. There are chips made in traditional chocolate flavors as well as callets in fun, nontraditional flavors that will add a little something extra to your desserts. To add chocolate flavor without too much additional sweetness, try our dark chocolate chips or semisweet chocolate chips. Traditional baking unsweetened chocolate chips are also available. If you’d like something a little sweeter, try one of our milk chocolate chip varieties. White chocolate chips are also available when you need maximum creamy sweetness and minimal bitter chocolate flavor. For something a little different, you can also try our cappuccino chips, which can add a delicious coffee flavor to a recipe. Add a sweet freshness to dessert with mint chips or try our butterscotch chips for a different flavor.

Our chocolate callets come in several different sizes. Pay attention to the count of chips per pound to determine the size of the chocolate chips. We have everything from mini chocolate chips to regular chocolate chips all the way up to giant chocolate chips. Order your chocolate callets in single 2-pound or other small bag for individual use. For larger baking projects, try our 25-pound, 50-pound or other large cases. We also carry wholesale chocolate chips and offer discounted prices to those who order in bulk.

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