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Make a perfectly shaped, warm and melted chocolate pastry easily with a package of chocolate batons from World Wide Chocolate. These small chocolate sticks are made with the finest chocolate and are the perfect shape for baking pastries, especially pain au chocolat. Chocolate sticks are specially made with less cocoa butter than other chocolate chunks. Because of this, they can be baked directly in the oven without burning or needing any prep work. Simply wrap your pastry dough around these chocolate batons, bake your pastries until lightly browned and enjoy your perfectly melted and cooked chocolate bread. You can use our chocolate batons to create chocolate rolls, Danish pastries and chocolate buns. Wrap them in croissant dough for a lovely French breakfast treat.

Our gourmet chocolate batons are crafted by some of the world’s best chocolate manufacturers. Some of these include Callebaut, Guittard and Valrhona. They’re made in several different flavors and are made from the finest cocoa beans and cocoa butter to give them an intense, rich in cocoa flavor. Some of them are made from exquisite Belgian chocolate while others are made from French chocolate. You’ll also have the choice between dark chocolate for a richer flavor or semisweet chocolate if you’d like something slightly sweeter. Either way, these baking chocolate sticks are the perfect pairing with some light and airy dough, and a hot cup of coffee in the morning. So, bring out your inner French pastry chef and start baking delicious chocolate pastries today.

The chocolate batons from World Wide Chocolate come in both individual use and larger bulk packages. By a smaller 1-pound or 2-pound case for use at home or stock up on all the baking chocolate sticks you need with a 10-pound case. All of our baking chocolate and gourmet chocolate treats are offered at competitive prices for our customers. We also offer discounts to those who’d like to purchase wholesale chocolate batons.

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