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Take a break and savor the sweet goodness of your favorite soft and hard candies made by some of the world’s most respected confectioners. Browse our selection of candies and mints for gummies, licorice,  gluten-free candy and more.

Soft Candies

Soft candy is appealing for its delicate, sweet flavor and pliable texture. This type of candy is meant to be lovingly chewed, and you can usually make it last longer by taking small bites. By far, the most popular soft candies are gummies and licorice. Fruit-flavored gummies are most often represented by the cuteness of a bear shape. In addition to gummy bears, you can also find gummies in other fun shapes such as fruit and cola bottles. Licorice is another chewy favorite that’s been around for many generations. Black and red licorice are timeless classics, but you can also find contemporary flavors such as apple and watermelon.

Hard Candies and Mints

Hard candies tend to have a robust flavor that lasts for as long as it melts in your mouth. Hard candies come in a range of tantalizing fruit flavors such as cherry and orange. However, when you’re in the mood for something different, we offer sophisticated flavors such coffee, caramel and ginger. Mints are one of the most popular varieties of hard candy because they’re so refreshing. It’s always a good idea to have a container of mints around as an after-meal mouth refresher.

Keep a Supply on Hand

Once you open a box or bag of candies or mints, it’s amazing how quickly they disappear. Keep ample supplies and candy jars filled by stocking up now. While we offer single quantity orders, consider opting for bulk quantities when tasked with keeping a group of candy lovers content. You may also want to stock up just to avoid the hassles of frequent re-ordering. Keep in mind that some varieties and quantities may be periodically out of stock. While we do our best to keep up with the demand, extremely popular flavors may sell out quickly.


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