Caramel Loaves

Bulk Block Caramel

Caramel loaves are concentrated blocks of pure caramel confection and contain all the flavorful goodness of homemade caramel. We offer only the highest premium quality caramel loaf brands for your dipping, baking and candy making convenience.

Peter’s Caramel Loaf

5-Pound Blocks of Caramel

High quality, ready-to-use caramel made of the finest ingredients. No more need for constant unwrapping of smaller caramels! Peter’s Caramel emit a rich and creamy taste and soft, easy-to-use texture. These loaves are ideal for caramel apple treats, pretzel dipping, and the perfect caramel candy center.

Just Like Homemade

Making caramel from scratch is one of those time-honored traditions that goes way back, and its fresh flavor is certainly hard to beat. Fortunately, there are a few companies that take caramel making seriously. Trusted brands such as Callebaut and Peter’s reproduce that one-of-a-kind creamy, buttery flavor that experienced caramel creators know and love. Flavor isn’t the only reason to choose a pre-made caramel loaf. These loaves achieve a soft texture that makes them easy to cut, pull and shape anyway you wish.

Save Prep Time

Creating the perfect batch of creamy caramel from scratch takes practice, and it adds an extra step to your kitchen prep time. Unless you love doing all the steps involved with combining ingredients and making sure the caramel is cooked at the right temperature, a loaf helps you avoid this step completely. Loaves come ready to use right out of the box. A block of caramel is also easier and faster to unwrap than dozens of small, individually-wrapped caramel candy pieces. If you want to skip cooking and unwrapping tasks, use one or more loaves.

Incredibly Versatile

Caramel loaves are handy to keep on hand for use in any recipe that calls for a little or a lot of caramel. The soft consistency makes them easy to mold and shape pieces of caramel for candies and cookies. When you want to create a caramel sauce for dipping, simply follow directions for melting a loaf. Once melted, it’s ready for dipping foods such as apples and pretzels. If you don’t need to use a whole loaf, simply portion out what you need. Wrap the remaining loaf and store it until you’re ready to use it again.

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