Chocolate Compounds

Chocolate with Substitutes for Cocoa Butter

Chocolate compounds are a great and easy way to get a pristine shine on your confections, without having to deal with the trouble of tempering. They typically use oil substitutes such as palm and palm kernel oil, but many vary depending on the brand. These products are perfect for glazing, molding, candy making and dipping. Explore our chocolate compound selections below!

Felchlin Ultra Shell

Felchlin Ultra Glazing, Coating & Molding Compounds

No-Tempering-Needed Products

On top of the highliy-acclaimed Swiss Noble Couverture, Felchlin also offers a plethora of Glazes and compounds for molds, including their “Ultra” glaze and two “Mirror” glaze options. These products do not need to be tempered, but result in a premium taste your customers know and love.

Felchlin Glaze Coating Milk Rondo, Ultra
Guittard Dark Chocolate Flavored A'Peels

Guittard Flavored Melting A’Peels

Compounds for Dipping & Candy Making

For a sumptuous experience of rich, velvety smooth chocolate for dipping fresh or dried fruit, or to cover your favorite cake, cookie or confection, Guittard A’Peels Dipping Chocolate is extraordinary. This heavenly Guittard melting chocolate pours smoothly with a luscious, glossy finish without the need of tempering. This compound chocolate coating is ideal for melt and mold chocolate candies, dipping strawberries, figs, shortcake, brownies, pretzels, biscotti, macaroons and more.

World Wide Chocolate

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