If your idea of the perfect anytime treat starts with chocolate and ends with nuts, we just may have given you zero reasons to avoid snapping up quantities of these delicious chocolate covered nuts. We agree that there’s something irresistible about crunchy nuts dipped in creamy, melted chocolate that has been allowed to harden before being conveniently packaged so you can enjoy eating this indulgent snack on-the-go.

Chocolate Covered Nuts

  • Guido Gobino Bronte Pistachios in Dark Chocolate

    Guido Gobino Dragées Dark Chocolate Covered Bronte Pistachios

  • Guido Gobino Dragées Dark Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts Loose

    Guido Gobino Dragées 75% Dark Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts

  • Guido Gobino Dragées Colored Almonds in Milk & White Chocolate Close Up Shot

    Guido Gobino Dragées Pastel Colored White & Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds

  • Dick Taylor Chocolate Covered Almonds 1lb Bag-min

    Dick Taylor Chocolate Covered Almonds 1-Pound Bag

  • Dick Taylor Belize 65% Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

    Dick Taylor Chocolate Covered Almonds


As you browse our collection, it’s likely that you are already imagining the succulent taste of chocolate melting in your mouth followed by the hard crunch of the nut. It’s a taste and texture sensation like no other, and we happily bring it to you in several flavor combinations. Chocolate covered almonds are one of the most popular choices, and it’s a match made in chocolate heaven for almond lovers.

Are you a big fan of cashews? Enhance your love of this nut by adding chocolate covered cashews to your snack routine. And if you happen to enjoy the unique flavor of hazelnuts, well, here’s your chance to enjoy chocolate and hazelnuts together in the form of chocolate covered hazelnuts. If you’re a big fan of nuts, go ahead and grab one or more variety for the perfect snacking treat. With options including almonds, cashews and hazelnuts, each bite will have you wanting more. Shop our chocolate covered nuts selection from World Wide Chocolate today.

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