Michel Cluizel High Cocoa Squares

Chocolate Squares / Napolitains

Perfect for Pairings, Tastings & Snacking

When you want a chocolate treat, but don’t want to eat an entire chocolate bar, indulge in the bite-sized decadence of chocolate squares from World Wide Chocolate. These delicious little chocolate squares are packed full of rich flavor. They also come in a huge variety of different chocolate types and flavors. Some of the mini chocolate bars even come filled with different sweet fillings. Plus, they’re individually wrapped and the perfect size to eat one or two as a treat. Our bite-sized chocolates are made with premium-quality chocolate. You’re sure to taste the difference when you bite into the first one. Keep these chocolates all to yourself or put them out in a candy dish to delight your guests and associates.

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Domori Trinitario Madagascar 70% Dark Chocolate Square Display

Domori Napolitains Dark Chocolate Squares

Single Origin Chocolate Squares, Mixed Blends & Luxury Gift Boxes

Domori offers small chocolates to enjoy your fine cacao experience, also perfect for chocolate tastings and pairings. These chocolate squares are made from fine cacao beans including Trinitario, Nacional & Criollo; they also make excellent chocolate gifts.

Dolfin Chocolate Squares & Assortments

Bulk Chocolate Squares & Premium Gift Assortments

Dolfin’s pre-made chocolate assortments are a perfect gift for anyone! Whether it be the Panache assortments, or the Spice assortment, you will experience blends you may not know even existed! We also carry bulk squares, available in an 1800g case, with approximately 350 squares.

Dolfin 48-Piece Panache Chocolate Napolitain Assortment-min
Michel Cluizel Plantation Squares

Michel Cluizel Chocolate Squares

Single Estate Tasting Boxes & Bulk Offerings

Not only do we offer Michel Cluizel’s premium chocolate bars, but also their chocolate squares in both tasting boxes and bulk quantities. Arguably the best snacking chocolate, the single-estate tasting boxes take you on a journey through chocolate tasting, while their bulk square offerings are a great way to indulge in greatness and save! Just as single malt Scotch is renowned for having been produced at a single distillery, thereby preserving the uniqueness of that particular estate, so too does chocolate have a similar standard. This style of chocolate is produced by Michel Cluizel chocolatiers under the title of “les Crus de Plantation®”, or Single Plantation bars and squares, meaning all of the cocoa beans originated at the same farm. This is a complex and detailed process that involves an immense amount of work, but for those who care about their craft like the people at Michel Cluizel do, it’s worth it.

Valrhona Chocolate Squares

Premium Indulgence

Keep tasty, single-serving treats around your home or business by ordering Valrhona chocolate squares from World Wide Chocolate. These delicious squares are like miniature versions of premium Valrhona chocolate bars. They come in the same delicious flavors and cocoa contents. They’re also available in larger bulk sizes, so that you can make sure that you have plenty of bite-sized chocolate squares for your family, party guests or other chocolate-lovers. These bulk packages are idea for parties, gifts and businesses.

Lake Champlain Chocolate Squares

20-Count Bags & Bulk Containers

Some of the best things in life happen by accident – such is the case with Lake Champlain Chocolate Bars. In the early 1980s, Jim Lampman had a tradition of giving his employees at the Ice House restaurant what he considered to be “fancy” chocolates for the holidays. One day in 1983, Lampman’s head chef spoke his mind about what he really thought of those so-called fancy chocolates, to which Lampman responded, “All right, then you do better!” And as they say, the rest is history. The talented head chef set to work creating a decadent batch of chocolate truffles that changed their lives forever. Within a year they had sold the restaurant and founded Lake Champlain Chocolates, a success that continues to this day.

François Pralus Tropical Pyramids

Taste the World of Chocolate

Take a world tour of all the different flavors thanks to the chocolate from ten different countries of origin that makes up these Tropical Pyramids. To offer you a chocolate of the highest standard, François Pralus has sought out the best cocoa beans in the world, acting as an invitation to travel. Launched in 2003, the Tropical Pyramid has become Maison Pralus’ flagship product. Let your senses go and taste the subtle chocolate flavors of the different bars; embark on a trip to Papua New Guinea/Melanesia*, Indonesia, the Sao Tomé islands or Trinidad, Venezuela, Tanzania and also Ghana, Madagascar, Colombia and Ecuador.

Côte d’Or Chocolate Mignonnettes

In Both Dark & Milk Chocolate, 24 Mignonnettes per Box

The intensity and authenticity of real Côte d’Or chocolate concentrated in a small tablet, to share with friends and family or with a cup of coffee. These two-bite morsels offer an unforgettable taste, leaving you wanting more.

We provide our customers with a large selection of chocolate squares made by some of the world’s finest chocolate manufacturers. Choose Michel Cluizel, Cote d’Or or Amano chocolate squares if you prefer solid chocolate with no extra flavors or ingredients. Dolfin, Café Tasse and Ghirardelli chocolate squares are perfect for anyone who loves extra fillings and flavors in their chocolate. Some of the fillings and flavors you’ll find include caramel, orange peel, Earl Grey tea, sea salt, raspberry, cherry, almond and mint. These gourmet chocolate squares are also made with many different types of chocolate. Some of them are crafted with fine dark chocolate for those who love the rich, almost bitter taste of a high cocoa content. Others are made with sweeter milk chocolate for anyone who likes their chocolate extra sweet. If you just can’t decide what kind of mini chocolate bar you’d like to order, then try our dark, milk and mixed brand chocolate square pack or one of our sampler boxes. These also make great gifts.

Order a single bag of premium chocolate squares for personal use or choose a larger package to stock up. We also offer wholesale chocolate squares at incredibly competitive prices for those who’d like to buy their chocolate in bulk.

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