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When you want a chocolate treat, but don’t want to eat an entire chocolate bar, indulge in the bite-sized decadence of chocolate squares from World Wide Chocolate. These delicious little chocolate squares are packed full of rich flavor. They also come in a huge variety of different chocolate types and flavors. Some of the mini chocolate bars even come filled with different sweet fillings. Plus, they’re individually wrapped and the perfect size to eat one or two as a treat. Our bite-sized chocolates are made with premium-quality chocolate. You’re sure to taste the difference when you bite into the first one. Keep these chocolates all to yourself or put them out in a candy dish to delight your guests and associates.

Chocolate Squares

We provide our customers with a large selection of chocolate squares made by some of the world’s finest chocolate manufacturers. Choose Michel Cluizel, Cote d’Or or Amano chocolate squares if you prefer solid chocolate with no extra flavors or ingredients. Dolfin, Café Tasse and Ghirardelli chocolate squares are perfect for anyone who loves extra fillings and flavors in their chocolate. Some of the fillings and flavors you’ll find include caramel, orange peel, Earl Grey tea, sea salt, raspberry, cherry, almond and mint. These gourmet chocolate squares are also made with many different types of chocolate. Some of them are crafted with fine dark chocolate for those who love the rich, almost bitter taste of a high cocoa content. Others are made with sweeter milk chocolate for anyone who likes their chocolate extra sweet. If you just can’t decide what kind of mini chocolate bar you’d like to order, then try our dark, milk and mixed brand chocolate square pack or one of our sampler boxes. These also make great gifts.

Order a single bag of premium chocolate squares for personal use or choose a larger package to stock up. We also offer wholesale chocolate squares at incredibly competitive prices for those who’d like to buy their chocolate in bulk.


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