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Cocoa butter is the compound that is used to give chocolate a silky smooth, creamy texture. It also gives chocolate a deep and rich flavor that comes straight from the cocoa bean. If you’re going to make your own chocolate, cocoa butter is a necessity. However, cocoa butter has many other uses besides being a primary ingredient in the creation of chocolate. It can be used in a variety of different baking and cooking scenarios. Cocoa butter is a relatively healthy fat that can be used as a substitute or an additive to give your baked goods and savory dishes a deliciously rich flavor. World Wide Chocolate offers cocoa butter in bulk for all of your baking and cooking needs. Use 100 percent pure cocoa butter in all areas of the kitchen. When you’re finished cooking, save some for your skin and hair. This delicious chocolate component is also often added to lotions and conditioners because it is a great moisturizer.

Cocoa Butter

One of the best uses for bulk cocoa butter is to add it to pastries, desserts and other baked goods. It adds a subtle chocolate flavor, but it mostly just adds a decadent richness to your desserts. If you’d like a healthier alternative to dairy-based butter, cocoa butter is perfect for you. Use it as a butter substitute in your favorite cake recipe. It will add the creamy taste of butter, a barely noticeable chocolate flavor and will result in a delicious cake. If you have a recipe that calls for gelatin as a thickening agent, cocoa butter will also work as a substitute. Do some research to find the right ratio of cocoa butter to gelatin for this easy gelatin substitute. If you prefer to cook savory foods, cocoa butter can also be used as a healthier alternative to butter and oil in cooked dishes. Just place it in a hot pan or baking dish to keep your food from sticking as it cooks.

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