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Cocoa nibs are the hard kernel in the center of the cocoa bean that is used to manufacture chocolate. The nibs are what’s left after a cocoa bean has been dried, roasted and had its husk removed. These little dried cocoa nibs have a nutty, chocolate flavor and a pleasant crunch that makes them a perfect additive to all different kinds of food. In addition to being delicious and perfect for topping a variety of dishes, cocoa nibs are also incredibly healthy and full of antioxidants. These little nibs have become a popular health food as well as a popular addition to chocolate desserts and even in chocolate bars to add a little crunch.

You’ll be sure to find a huge variety of different uses for the cocoa nibs available from World Wide Chocolate. They’re delicious on and in a variety of dishes. First of all, you can use your cocoa nibs plain, or, if you’d like to bring out their chocolate flavor with some sweetness, you can coat them in sugar. Easily candy your cocoa nibs by cooking them in some sugar and water until they caramelize. Candied cocoa nibs make a delicious snack on their own or used as sprinkles on ice cream and other desserts. They’re delicious as a topping for muffins and anywhere you’d like a little extra sweet crunch. Instead of coating your cocoa nibs in sugar, you can coat them in chocolate for a completely decadent alternative.

If you choose to use your cocoa nibs without candying them first, you can still sprinkle them on your favorite desserts. The result is still a delicious crunch without so much added sugar. Plain cocoa nibs can be baked into breads and cakes. Put them on top of a smoothie bowl, cook them into pancakes or mix them into fruit salad or granola for a healthy breakfast Cocoa nibs can also be used in savory dishes. Use them to crust pork chops or chicken to give a delicious and unique crunchy bite. Add them to a gourmet pizza to wow your dinner guests. You can also use them as a tasty crunchy salad topping.


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