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Sipping coffee while enjoying a baked goodie made from chocolate is one of life’s pleasures. So in order to make your shopping life easier, we are offering a collection of premium coffee from different world locations. As you know, quality coffee begins with good coffee beans grown under ideal conditions. Depending on the region, climate and growing methods, beans can acquire unique flavor differences that makes drinking coffee an adventurous experience and oh-so-enjoyable.


We searched the world for coffee that offers something uniquely special, and we’re happy to bring you several selections featuring the best quality beans combined with exceptional blending.

Dallmayr Prodomo is a premium blend of the finest arabica highland coffee beans from the best growing areas in the world. The typical taste primarily comes from the arabica beans from the fertile southern provinces of Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. Jacobs coffee is also a German option with a stronger overall tone that provides a substantial boost in energy. Try some out today!


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