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Couverture Chocolate Discs & Chips

Also Referred to as Morsels, Callets, Feves, Pistoles…

Couverture chocolate chips and discs save the time of breaking up blocks with the same end result. With a wide variety of couverture chocolate options, shop sugar-free, organic, single-origin, fruit couverture, Ruby and more.

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Felchlin Sao Palme Ghana 43% Dark Milk Couverture Chocolate

Felchlin Swiss Noble Couverture 

The Finest Couverture Manufactured in Switzerland

Felchlin couverture is the result of collective experience, choice cacao and passionate craftsmanship. Each bean from the different regions and the various countries features unique, specific and intensive flavors which unfold through traditional Swiss craftsmanship.

Guittard Couverture Chocolate Wafers

Dark, Milk & White Couverture Chocolate

Not only does Guittard offer traditional chocolate baking wafers, but they also offer their Organic couverture as well as Sugar-Free couverture chocolate.

Callebaut Couverture Chocolate Callets

Ruby, Gold, White, Milk & Dark Chocolate

Once you use these deliciously beautiful chocolate callets in your recipes, we guarantee that you will never settle for less again. Use them in your pastry creations, bakery treats and as a finishing touch to your desserts – or just nibble on them for a sensually smooth, silky gourmet snack. These Callebaut Belgian chocolate callet “chips” are available in a wide variety in cacao options – and every fine chocolate flavor in between.

Valrhona Couverture Chocolate Feves & Fruit Couverture

Premium French Couverture

The quality of the desserts you create relies heavily on the quality of ingredients you use. Opt for the highest-quality chocolate pieces when you choose Valrhona chocolate feves from World Wide Chocolate. These chocolate wafers are excellent alternatives to chocolate chips and other chocolate chunks. They feature a unique oval shape with an indented center. These chocolate feves come in several different chocolate varieties. Each one has a unique cocoa content level and is made from cocoa beans from a different exotic origin. Look through each one to find the ideal flavor for your sweet creation.

Cacao Barry Couverture Discs

Luxury Chocolate from Voiron, France

Creating the very best chocolate is somewhat similar to crafting a fine wine – it takes time, patience and commitment. You can’t rush the experience needed to become an expert chocolatier. Luckily, Cacao Barry has this experience in spades. Having been founded in 1842, Cacao Barry has 175 years of chocolate-making experience under its belt. The Barry family were pioneers who traveled as far away as Africa to find the very best cocoa beans, which they then brought back to create their world-renowned chocolate. Since then, Cacao Barry has continued to pioneer new and exciting ways of creating the very best chocolate for you, our valued customers.

Michel Cluizel Couverture Chips

Master French Chocolatier

Michel Cluizel is a rare breed; they are one of the last independent chocolate companies that still manufactures their product from start to finish. They own cocoa bean farms in nearly every corner of the world where cocoa is grown, and oversee the growth, harvest, roasting and ultimately chocolate-making steps for each item they make, which ensures you are receiving only the highest-quality end result. Michel Cluizel has been operating in this way for three generations, which is why their chocolates are known around the world for their decadence and perfection.

Beyond Good by Madécasse Couverture Chocolate

Couverture Chocolate Sourced from Madagascan Heirloom Cocoa

BEYOND GOOD is on a mission to change the way the world experiences chocolate, all the way from the cocoa farmer to you, our customers. By sourcing heirloom cocoa directly from farmers and helping to build a new chocolate factory in Madagascar, Beyond Good is redefining what “good” means in the chocolate industry.

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