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Drinking Chocolate

Gourmet Hot Chocolate, Frappe Mixes & Drinking Chocolate

There is no better way to warm your bones on a chilly night than with a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Decadent drinking chocolate is a wonderful treat during the cold winter and is sure to bring cheer during the holidays. Browse the selection of premium-quality hot chocolate from World Wide Chocolate to find your perfect cold weather drink. Chocolate isn’t the type of product that is basically consistent whether it is low-quality or high-quality. You’ll notice the difference right away when you taste gourmet chocolate. This is especially true of hot cocoa. There is a huge difference between the richness and flavor of high-quality hot chocolate and the lack thereof in low-quality hot chocolate. Don’t spend another winter drinking subpar cocoa and order some of our reasonably priced gourmet hot chocolate mix or hot chocolate stir sticks today.

MoMe Belgian Hot Chocolate Sticks

Ganache Enrobed in Belgian Chocolate

Sheer heaven on a stick! Hot Chocolate Sticks, the perfect creation for all those out there who love real hot chocolate, was created in early 2004. As with most great ideas, the concept is simplicity itself: a wooden stick with a block of real Belgian chocolate on the end. Stir for a minute in a mug of hot milk (175°F) and there you have it – rich hot chocolate, with the best taste you could wish for.

Lake Champlain Drinking Chocolate & Powder

Luxury Drinking Powder

Lots of companies have unique origin stories, but not many have one as interesting a Lake Champlain Chocolate. In the 1980s, Jim Lampman had the habit of giving his employees “fancy” chocolate as gifts for the holidays. When 1983 rolled around, Jim’s head chef at the Ice House restaurant had had enough and decided to tell Jim what he really thought of those so-called fancy chocolates. Jim’s response would spark an idea that would forever change both of their lives – he responded, “All right, then you do better!” And that’s exactly what the chef did. He came back with hand-rolled truffles that so impressed Jim, a year later he had sold the restaurant and they were officially in the chocolate making business.

Ghirardelli Cocoa Powder & Drinking Powder

Baking Cocoa Powder, Hot Cocoa Mix & Frappe Mixes

The luxury of a steaming cup of rich, delectable cocoa begins with the finest quality chocolate. That’s why World Wide Chocolate provides Ghirardelli Drinking Cocoa for your drinking chocolate pleasure. We offer single bags so you can sample and select your favorite flavors of Ghirardelli hot cocoa from rich double chocolate, or with the added flavor of caramel or mocha. Or, buy your favorite in quantity at a discount. When the weather warms, try Ghirardelli chocolate, white chocolate or mocha for a cool and frothy frappe.

Guittard Grand Cacao Drinking Chocolate

Sweet Ground Cocoa – Red Dutch-Process Cocoa Powder & Ground Chocolate

You think hot chocolate is just for kids? The rich, sensuous experience that is Guittard Grand Cacao Drinking Chocolate will thrill a gourmand. This award-winning treat is distinguished from other cocoa powders in that it includes real chocolate. Premium Guittard chocolate made from the finest cacao beans is ground finely and blended with old-fashioned, Dutch processed cocoa powder with a classic, with a rich, dark brown color. The result is full-bodied and intense chocolate flavor in a creamy smooth beverage that warms you through and smells as tempting as it tastes.

Dick Taylor Belize Drinking Chocolate

72% Cacao, Pure Decadence

A rich and velvety European style drinking chocolate, handcrafted using ethically sourced cacao beans from the Maya Mountain Co-op in Belize.

We offer drinkable hot chocolate in two different forms to suit varying tastes. The first is traditional hot cocoa powder that can easily be mixed with milk. The second is hot chocolate stir sticks that feature a block of chocolate which melts when stirred into a hot cup of milk to create creamy cocoa. Both options are incredibly delicious and are guaranteed to satisfy your hot cocoa cravings this winter. These premium hot chocolate products are made by fine chocolate manufacturers such as Callebaut and Lake Champlain Chocolates. Our hot cocoa powder comes in several fun flavors and is even available in organic and fair trade options. Try traditional hot chocolate powder for a typical cup of cocoa. Other interesting flavors include the chocolate and coffee combination of mocha hot cocoa and the spicy chocolate twist of Aztec hot chocolate. The hot chocolate sticks also feature a variety of flavors. Some of these include dark chocolate hot cocoa, milk chocolate hot cocoa and caramel hot chocolate. Order single stir sticks or single cans of hot cocoa. You can also opt for bulk hot chocolate and take advantage of our wholesale prices.

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