Domori Chocolate Gianduja Spread - 200g Display

Gianduja Chocolate Spreads

Luxury Spreads from Domori, Amedei & Pralus

Expand your creative culinary options with premium chocolate spreads made by some of the world’s best-known brands such as Cacao Barry and Callebaut. Chocolate spreads are one of those versatile items that can be used in numerous ways. Just think of all the ways you can enhance morning toast, snacks or croissants for exceptionally sweet treats. And that’s just the tip of the creative iceberg.

Amedei Chocolate Hazelnut Spreads

Gianduja Spreads

The chocolate hazelnut spreads from Amedei are made with the finest quality ingredients that always distinguish Amedei creations. A expolsion of Hazelnuts Tonda Gentile Trilobata skilfully roasted in an embrace of pure cocoa beans.

Domori Chocolate Gianduja Spread - 200g Display 2

Domori Gianduja & Chocolate Spreads

With IGP Hazelnuts from Piedmont

Domori’s spreads combine the flavour of fine cocoa with either hazelnuts or pistachio, a must have for any sweet tooth and chocolate lover.

François Pralus Crème de Noisette Hazelnut Cream

Smooth & Sweet

A cream of toasted Piedmont hazelnuts and Valencia almonds in a quaint cosmetics jar: enjoy unsparingly to your heart’s delight…

François Pralus Hazelnut Cream

A good spread can elevate any number of recipes, adding an extra flavor for a boost of excitement. Try adding chocolate spread to banana bread, donuts, banana sandwiches, crunchy granola, cupcakes, cookies, pancakes and more. It also makes a sumptuous dip for fresh fruit slices such as apples. Our selections feature spreads made with fine chocolate, which is usually mixed with hazelnut for a classic combination loved by many. Browse to find dark chocolate spreads and milk chocolate spreads packaged in various ready-to-use containers. We also offer a fine-quality hazelnut spread without the chocolate as an alternative. Shop all of our indulgent spread options from World Wide Chocolate today.

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