Glucose Syrup

Glucose Syrup

Non-GMO Glucose Syrup from Europe

Why do we use glucose syrup? It adds extra moisture and softness to pastry and dessert items like cakes and gummy-type candies. Plus, glucose syrup from Europe is a non-GMO product, making it a great substitute for corn syrup produced in the United States that doesn’t meet these qualifications. Glucose syrup can provide sweetness and enhance flavors. It is a key ingredient in confectionary products, beer, soft drinks, ice cream, candy, and even the edible cannabis industry.

Glucose syrup is a clear, colorless, viscous syrup containing dextrose, maltose and higher sugars. Due to the relatively low dextrose content together with a large percentage of higher sugars, 42 DE syrups are totally stable under normal conditions and will not crystallize. The syrup will give body and viscosity to a product, making it an essential ingredient for the confectioner to control sucrose crystallization.

Allez Belgian Glucose Syrup

7-Kilo / 15.4-Pound Tub with Handle

This glucose syrup is a purified and concentrated aqueous solution of nutritive saccharides obtained by hydrolysis of wheat starch, characterised by a high polysaccharides content. Produced in Belgium, this syrup option is ideal for all in the industry.

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Allez Glucose Syrup Container s
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