Liquor-Filled Chocolate

Premium Chocolate with Liquor

The liquor-filled chocolate experience is uniquely exquisite. For the fans of this type of chocolate treat, there is nothing quite like the snap of the smooth and shiny hard outer shell and the burst of liquor that rushes into the mouth. Together, these exceptional sensory experiences make for an addicting adventure of the palate that must be experienced!

Asbach Brandy Chocolate

Premium German Chocolate with a Brandy Center

The creamy, rich chocolate is combined with Asbach Uralt brandy, a popular German spirit first crafted by Hugo Asbach in 1892, to create delectable treats that will have your taste buds begging for more. At World Wide Chocolate, you’ll find an incredible selection of these liquor-filled chocolates online at affordable prices.

Butlers Chocolate

Irish Chocolate with Irish Whiskey & Irish Cream Liqueur

If you need a little luck of the Irish, look no further than these tasty treats from Butlers Chocolate. Known as the “purveyors of happiness,” Butlers has been producing absolutely delicious and delightful chocolates since 1932. The company’s longtime commitment to superior quality and service is evident in every bite. In addition to delivering Irish chocolates that are positively bursting with flavor, these treats also feature especially attractive and colorful packaging that makes them excellent choices for giving as gifts or displaying in your own home.

Agapey Chocolate

Chocolate Sourced & Produced in Barbados

Agapey Chocolate Factory was founded to offer world class luxury chocolate from one of the origins of cocoa, the Caribbean. Strategically located in Barbados, Agapey is located in the hub of the region which has allowed them to intimately source cocoa beans from the best cocoa growing plantations in the West Indies. They also use world renown, locally grown Barbados Plantation Reserve Gold cane sugar which adds a delightful special caramelized flavor to the chocolate. Within the factory, they implore traditional methodologies and antique equipment with their antique German 6ft roaster dating back to over 70 years. These techniques bring forth the finest flavors of the cocoa beans and golden sugar. Of particular note are the caramel filled dark chocolate bars sold through World Wide Chocolate. These bars have been recognized at an international level for their exceptional flavor and quality.

Regional Liquor-Filled Chocolate Delights

At World Wide Chocolate, we’ve chosen liquor-filled chocolates that provide unique offerings that are germane to their regions of production. Find chocolates filled with alcohol from all over the world at World Wide Chocolate! Choose hints of delicious Island-style infusions with Agapey Chocolate from Barbados. This brand features Caribbean-style liquor flavors like mango vodka, vodka ginger, rum caramel or coconut rum.

Perhaps you prefer your liquor center to contain premium German brandy. Asbach brandy is the result of a multiple distillation process, which matures the liquor in small casks of Limousin oak. We carry a wide variety of Asbach chocolate liquor-filled candies. From the wildly popular Asbach Edle Kirschen Chocolate Brandy Cherries to brandy-filled pralines, Asbach liquor-filled candies are perfect to enjoy yourself or to give as gifts.

Premium Quality Chocolates

Whatever liquor-filled chocolate you choose, you can be confident in the quality and the freshness of the brands we proudly offer. At World Wide Chocolate, we go to great lengths to ensure that your liquor-filled chocolate comes to you in the peak of its freshness, so you can enjoy bite after bite of smooth liquor and chocolate goodness.

World Wide Chocolate Delivers the Top Brands

For those who love the liquor-filled chocolate delicacy, there is no better place to be than here at World Wide Chocolate. We’ve done the searching for you, bringing you the world’s top brands of liquor-filled chocolate. We are your go-to source for excellence, and it shows! Have questions about the liquor-filled chocolate candies you see here? Email us or give us a call and we will answer any questions you might have.

World Wide Chocolate

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