Chocolate Nonpareils

Coveted Candy-Coated Chocolate

Our Chocolate Nonpareil options are indeed unrivaled in their chocolatey, melt-in-your-mouth chocolatey goodness. Enjoy this premium candy in both a milk chocolate in semisweet chocolate option! The nonpareils have the tiny white crunchy candies on the bottom for a festive appearance and contrasting texture. With both dark and milk chocolate options and multiple manufacturers, these represent old-fashioned quality that is utterly delicious.

Guittard Chocolate Nonpareils

Milk & Dark Chocolate Options plus Bulk Quantities

These wafers, in their beautiful contrast of light and dark, are melt in your mouth delicious with both milk and dark chocolate options, both available in sizes up to 20 pound cases.

Lake Champlain Dark Chocolate Nonpareils

57% Cacao Dark Chocolate

Fun, delicious, and easy to share – everyone loves chocolate nonpareils! These organic dark chocolate drops are covered in candy sprinkles, for a delightful crunch and smooth melt. Hand-tied with silver ribbon, they make elegant wedding and party favors, holiday chocolates, and hostess gifts. Or just fill your favorite candy dish and enjoy the once-in-a-while treat you deserve.

If you can never get enough of those classic dark chocolate nonpareils with the mini white candies, we’ve got you covered. These are made with deep, rich, slightly bitter dark chocolate, a flavor that is bold and alluring. Order a 1-pound, 2-pound or a 20-pound case for large gatherings. You can also find ample bulk quantities of milk chocolate nonpareils with multicolored sprinkles, and they are just as delicious as their dark chocolate counterpart. Both represent old-fashioned quality that is utterly delicious.

World Wide Chocolate

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