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The basic ingredients for Nougat (or pralines) are either Hazelnuts or Almonds, Cocoa Butter and Sugar; some grades also have chocolate or full cream milk powder. Flavor is dependent on the roast of the nuts before they are ground and a light roast has a subtle flavor whereas a strong roast has a stronger flavor. Color is also dependent on the roast but can also be influenced by the addition of chocolate. Our nougat has a great smooth melt in the mouth texture which delivers the fantastic roast flavors.

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Lubeca Nougat & Praline

Made with the Finest Hazelnuts & Almonds

Lubeca is a German chocolate maker, marzipan maker, and nougat producer. Their nougats and pralines are offered in bulk format, ideally used as fillings and for other chocolatier specialities.

Lubeca Dark Chocolate Marzipan
Carlier Nougat Pieces Lifestyle 2

Carlier Nougat

Belgian Nougat Crafted with Care

For more than half a century, Carlier, a family business, has been making nougat by using the highest quality ingredients, in a wide variety of flavors. It all began in 1949: following the example of his father, a retail confectioner, Rodolphe Carlier decided to embark upon a career in manufacturing nougat, a market relatively lacking in competition compared to other confectionery sectors.

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