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Savor the rich, decadent flavor of creamy chocolate, caramel or white chocolate in your favorite coffee drink or granita. Guittard & Ghirardelli Chocolate Syrups combine premium ingredients with old-fashioned, artisan production to create a luscious and silky-smooth addition that elevates a good drink to glorious nectar.


In addition to spirited drinks and coffee, there’s nothing like a few squirts of authentic chocolate syrup in a tall glass of milk, creating the ultimate glass of chocolate milk. That’s a treat all by itself. Or add syrup to hot milk or water instead of powdered cocoa, stirring to create a quick mug of hot chocolate that warms the soul.

Because of its versatility, a classic use for chocolate and caramel syrup is as a sweet, indulgent topping for ice cream, especially an indulgent ice cream sundae. When added to vanilla ice cream, chocolate or caramel enhances the enjoyment of this common dessert treat. As for white chocolate syrup, you may want to try using it as a topping for decadent chocolate cake, brownies or cupcakes. Browse our collection to find a syrup flavor and blend that helps you achieve all of your dreamy dessert ideas.


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