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After discovering this selection of Twinings Tea at World Wide Chocolate, you may feel like quietly rejoicing with a little Morris dancing inside your head. One of the most famous tea brands in London is finally available anywhere, any time. If you’ve ever wondered how this iconic brand came into existence, keep reading to find out how it all started.


Twinings Tea first began in 1706, when Thomas Twining bought Tom’s Coffee House on London’s Strand. Though coffee was the popular drink of the time, Twinings’ coffee house became unique for its additional offering of tea. The upper classes flocked to his shop and by 1717, the shop had evolved into London’s first exclusive tea shop. Today, tea has a special place in British culture due in large part to Twinings’ vision.

You don’t have to be British to enjoy a nice cup of English style tea. Many people from all walks of life have discovered that they too love taking a tea break, and there’s no better brand that captures what tea is all about than Twinings. Our collection includes loose teas in numerous flavors. Without bags, you can decide how strong to make your tea and make it by the pot or cup. Each tin corresponds to a particular tea flavor, making it easy to quickly identify your favorite blends.

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