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Chocolate Vermicelli & Decoratifs®

“Chocolate Sprinkles”

Taste what 175 years of experience is like when you order Barry Callebaut Vermicelli from World Wide Chocolate. In a day and age when companies are more likely to be a flash in the pan than a lasting staple, Cacao Barry stands apart from the herd as a pillar of quality and commitment. Back in 1842, the Barry family of pioneers founded their chocolate company and began exploring the world to find the very best cocoa beans to bring home and use in their delicious confections. This dedication to perfection and quality is what has made Cacao Barry a success over so many years, and is why we expect them to be around for another 175 years to come.

Guittard Dark Chocolate Decoratifs®

“Chocolate Sprinkles” Made with Real Chocolate

Unlike many other sprinkle options, Guittard’s ‘decoratifs’ are made with real chocolate, no wax or artificial flavoring – designed to enhance your culinary creations! Available in bulk containers, shop Decoratifs and enhance your culinary creations.

Guittard Dark Chocolate Decoratifs

Callebaut 43.1% Dark Chocolate Vermicelli

Belgian Chocolate Vermicelli

Include only the best finishing touches to your culinary masterpieces. Create the chocolate treat of your dreams with Callebaut chocolate’s tasty, decorative vermicelli and perfectly crafted chocolate fountain compound. Every Callebaut product begins with sustainably grown and harvested African cacao beans that are carefully roasted in their shells by Callebaut’s master blender. This process brings out the refined, distinctive taste that Callebaut chocolate has been known for since 1911.

Cacao Barry Dark Chocolate Vermicelli

French Chocolate Vermicelli

Cacao Barry chocolate vermicelli is ideally used for confectionery, pastry and ice cream.

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