Antidote Super Hangover Cure 70% Dark Chocolate Bar with Herbs

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Love your liver with this chocolate detox*, containing natural yet powerful herbs and antioxidants that fortify the liver to recover faster and protect from a spirited night of drinks. A collaboration with Intox-Detox.

Imagine a world where you could enjoy some alcohol beverages and avoid the negative aftereffects by simply eating a few squares of chocolate. Antidote Chocolate and Intox-Detox have made this a reality by launching a functional chocolate bar containing an all-natural, clinically researched and dosed hangover remedy blend.

Antidote and Intox-Detox is taking chocolate to a place its never quite been before – the role of a hangover remedy.

Not only does this new “herbs” chocolate bar provide a delicious vehicle for delivering powerful nutrition with herbal ingredients for this new release, which by the way has a nice fruity aroma, it also achieves synergistic healthy benefits. For the first time in history, Antidote chocolate is tackling one of the civilized world’s oldest problems, the hangover, with clinically researched and dosed Traditional Chinese Medicinal herbs. Yes, you can now eat a chocolate bar to dose yourself with an all natural hangover remedy blend.

The Antidote and Intox-Detox collaboration “herbs” chocolate combines a 70% dark chocolate with two full servings per chocolate bar of the clinically researched and clinically dosed hangover remedy blend. Mr. Bennett recommends one square of chocolate per alcoholic drink. It’s a natural pairing with your favorite wine, beer or cocktail. Alternatively, for just a few drinks, you an enjoy half the chocolate bar prior to or during alcohol consumption. A second serving, the other half of the chocolate bar, is recommended for a more “spirited” evening. As a purely recuperative measure, you can also eat the chocolate the morning after some drinks. However, this method does not deliver the benefit of the herbal blend’s potential for natural liver protective effects.

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Cacao beans, whole cane sugar, cacao butter, japanese raisin extract, l-gluthatione, green tea extract, ginseng extract, sunflower lecithin. Made with fine quality cacao from farms that use organic practices. Vegan, Gluten Free, Kosher Made in a facility that handles milk, soy & nuts.

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