Callebaut L-60-40 60.6% Dark Chocolate Callets

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60.6% Cocoa Content

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This dark blend has an intense chocolate taste, and a very low fluidity. Although it is dominated by roasted cocoa notes, it has sufficient sweetness to appeal to a broader audience. Its extremely low fluidity makes it the dream chocolate for molding large hollow figures in one go. It also has the perfect texture for creating ganaches, providing them with a semi-soft/semi-solid bite that immediately melts in the mouth. The L-60-40 also makes a perfect base for homemade chocolate spreads, fudges and caramels, combining intense taste with a smooth texture. What’s more? The L-60-40 can be paired with many fruity and spicy ingredients or even coffees and teas to create exciting taste combinations.

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Cocoa mass, sugar, fat-reduced cocoa powder, emulsifer: SOYA lecithin, natural vanilla flavoring

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