deZaan Holland Rich Terracotta 20/22% Dutched Cocoa Powder

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Dutch process with 20/22% fat, pH 6.8-7.2

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A dark and rich, high fat, dutched (alkalized) cocoa powder for unforgettably indulgent chocolate treats. With notes of chocolate, nuts, caramel and cream, this cocoa powder is ideal for biscuits, cakes and breads, ice creams, desserts, confectionery, and drinks. Notes: Chocolate, nuts, caramel, creamy. Dutch Process, pH 6.8-7.2.

View the Extrinsic & Intrinsic powder appearances. Extrinsic: The color of dry cocoa particles, including fat. i.e., the ‘dry’ color of the cocoa ingredient. Intrinsic: The color of the cocoa particles in a solution i.e., the ‘wet’ color of cocoa in application.

20-Kilo Case consists of either 20x 1-Kilo Bags OR 4x 5-kilo bags depending on availability

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Cocoa powder processed with alkali (potassium carbonate)

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