deZaan Holland Terra Rossa 22/24% Dutched Cocoa Powder

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Dutch process with 22/24% fat, pH 5.2-6.0

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With notes of cocoa, flowers and citrus, this light and fruity, high fat, natural (non-alkalized) cocoa powder creates a satisfying chocolate flavor. It is best used in biscuits, desserts, sauces, confectionery, cakes and breads. Notes: Cocoa, nuts, caramel, creamy. Dutch process, pH 5.2-6.0

View the Extrinsic & Intrinsic powder appearances. Extrinsic: The color of dry cocoa particles, including fat. i.e., the ‘dry’ color of the cocoa ingredient. Intrinsic: The color of the cocoa particles in a solution i.e., the ‘wet’ color of cocoa in application.

20-Kilo Case consists of either 20x 1-Kilo Bags OR 4x 5-kilo bags depending on availability

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Cocoa powder processed with alkali (potassium carbonate)

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