Felchlin Arriba Ecuador 72% Dark Couverture Chocolate

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72% Cocoa Content

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The cooperative APROCANE has delivered high quality cacao beans to Ibach-Schwyz for many years. APROCANE consists of over 650 cacao farmers and their families, spread over 20 municipalities. The majority of the farmers are descendents of African immigrants. The cacao originates from different cantons in the province of Esmeraldas. Esmeraldas is Ecuador’s most northern province and boarders on Columbia.

Main harvest: December – March

The cacao flavour is enhanced through the intensive coffee and liquorice notes, making Arriba an unforgettable experience for the senses. The traditional, gentle processing method (72 hours conching) develops a powerful prune bouquet, which finishes with a light, almost flowery black currant note.

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Cacao Kernel, Sugar, Cacao Butter, Madagascar Vanilla

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