Felchlin Bolivia 68% Dark Couverture Chocolate

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68% Cocoa Content

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The unique and rare wild cacao, Criollo Amazonico, originates in the Bolivian lowlands in the province of Beni. The gatherers, mostly Chimane Indians, seek out the widely scattered cacao islands, where they collect the ripened fruit from the trees. They then bring the pods to pre-designated collection points using horses or dugout canoes. The beans are then fermented and dried in the sun at these points. The trees are not cultivated, they are left to nature and are not cut or fertilised. Our direct Partners in Bolivia are responsible for quality control, purchasing, drying and transportation of these cacao beans on behalf of Felchlin Switzerland.

Main harvest: December – April

The rich, harmonious cacao flavour is complemented by the aromas expressing the freshness of lemon and the fruitiness of grapefruit. The traditional, gentle processing method (60 hours conching) exquisitely unfolds the prune bouquet and vanilla note. The exceptionally pleasant fruit acidity and the long-lasting finish make the Cru Sauvage Bolivia 68 % – 60 h a unique culinary experience.

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Cacao Kernel, Sugar, Cacao Butter

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