Felchlin Suhum Napo Organic 40% Milk Couverture Chocolate

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38% Cocoa Content


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This blends perfectly combines Ghanaiain & Ecuadorian cacao. Felchlin’s long-term, more than 15 years, direct partner in Ecuador works with around 550 farmer families in the Napo province of Ecuador. The cacao grows in socalled Chackras, where biodiversity is thriving. Next to cacao plants big trees like the Chuncho or Bàlsamo, home to the Amazonian jungle, grow and function like umbrellas to protect the cacao trees from heavy rains and provide much needed shade. Their strong roots prevent the soft Amazonian soil from Erosion. Chili plants and their scent work as a repellent for insects whilst other trees with sweet fruit lead them away from the valuable cacao. Edible plants like yucca, vanilla or ginger or medicinal plants like the Guayusa provide not only additional income for the farmer families but also food and healthy nutrition for them and protected animals who live in the Chackras. These extended standards of organic agriculture are not only providing the profitable certifications, but also permit the indisputable unison with Pachamama, mother earth.


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Cane sugar* (Argentina, Paraguay), whole milk powder* (Switzerland), cacao kernel* (Ghana 18%), cacao butter (Dominican Republic), cacao kernel (Ecuador 4%)

May contain traces of hazelnuts, almonds

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